Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I told John this story tonight, but I need to write it down so I don't forget it. Because Dex is just. That. Cute.

This morning when I was getting dressed Dex was in his room reading a book. I went in to check on him, sneaked in behind him when he was reading "Hippos Go Berserk." He was standing in his room flipping through the pages. And then I listened. And heard:

Un ippo
Ooooh ippos. Phone. Boo phone. Dae-dow phone.
Eeeee ippos. Door.
Oooo ippos.
Ive ippos. Ate (cake)
Ix ippos.
Eh-en ippos.
Eight ippos.
Nine ippos.

And then he gets to the middle pages. And he doesn't really know any words there, so he searches for pictures of things he knows.

Boon! (Balloon)

Turn the page.


And then he continues:

Nine ippos.
Eight ippos. Boo bus (blue bus)
Eh-en ippos.
Ix ippos.
Ive ippos.
Oooo ippos. Aaaa-pane (air plane. It's really a helicopter, but who am I to correct the boy)
Eeee ippos.
Ooooh ippos.
Un ippo. Phone.

And then he saw me. And then guess who got to read the Hippo Book...

Could he be any cuter?

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Shalet said...

That's awesome -- love it!